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How can I remove old glue residue from hardwood floor?

I want to redo the hardwood floors in my kitchen. There was industrial tile placed in the kitchen when we moved in. We ripped that off and now there is glue residue stuck to the hardwood floor underneath. We have tried removing it using water, which seems to work well but takes forever, a scrapper and a belt sander, which end up clogging the gadget and still take forever. Rather than pay someone an arm-and-a-leg to do this job, we would like to do it ourselves. What are some other ideas we could use to complete this job?

I would cover the floor with paint/adhesive stripper, then cover with plastic. Wait the recommended time, then scrape the floor with a long-handled, metal, floor scraper. After this, sand it off with a rented, walk-behind, floor sander. This should do it. Remember to wear eye protection, gloves and a good mask. Also, always allow proper air circulation.

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